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Kenyans Search For 24 Year Njeri, For Abondoning 95 Year Old Grandma With 2 Kids

Elizabeth Waithera from Waitima village, Molo County, has faced difficulty in raising her two grandchildren. Eight months since their mother, Lucy Njeri, abandoned them. The 95-year-old woman has relied on the support of villagers and well-wishers to provide for the kids' needs.

''It is regrettable when I am unable to find food for the kids. I am asking my daughter just to come back, and we do this together,'' she said. Elizabeth Waithera adopted Lucy Njeri after the death of her parents while she was eight years old. She brought her up by completing primary school, but Njeri had to drop out after delivering her firstborn in form one.

According to neighbours, this marked her first run away from home.

''When she left, her firstborn was bare of age. She did not even finish breastfeeding,'' the neighbours said.

She later returned two years later with her second child only to leave after settling in for two months, not to be seen till now.

The heavy rains have damaged the roof and partially collapsed Waithera's mud house walls, making it more difficult to keep the kids warm and safe. The residents expressed disgust at the mother's behaviour. They called upon her to return home and take responsibility as a parent. The story has raised several eyebrows from online users.

''It is better that she dropped them at granny. Just imagine if she harmed them. May God protects the children,'' some argued.

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