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God Have Mercy, Kenyans Cry Foul Over Current Cooking Gas Prices

Kenyans have raised their concerns over the current prices on cooking gas. This comes after government increased taxation in most consumable commodities.

The government had initially lowered the price of cooking gas such that it was affordable to most Kenyans to reduces deforestation. Refiling 3KG cooking gas was 800KSH while the 13KG was 1700KSH.

Unfortunately, after the latest taxation on various commodities cooking gas prices has gone up making it hard for the common man.

Refiling a 6 kg gas now goes at 1250 KSH while the 13 kg goes for 2500KSH whoever these prices varies from place to place but on average that is the price.

Comparing these prices, there is a great difference. Kenyans are feeling great impact of the change on their pockets.

Many can't even afford to put food on the table, leave alone refilling a gas. Because of the significant changes in gas prices, many have resolved to go back to using firewood since the price of kerosene and charcoal is also very high.

Here are some screenshots of comments from netizens.

What is your views on these issue?

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