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RIP: Emotional Words Woman Who Was Called a Witch Said Before Mob Torched Her

Mr Mwangi Kibaara, a 76 year old man whose wife Mary Njoki aged 75 was lynched by an angry mob 100 metres from their home has revealed the happenings of the fateful night and her last words to him before she was burnt to ashes.

Mwangi revealed that on that day, his wife prepared tea in their mud kitchen outside the main house. It was around 10:30PM. Mwangi placed his feet on the cooking stones to get some warmth as he drank his tea.

The mob of around 100 people stormed into the kitchen as they were seated besides each other. They pointed them using blight torches. A female shouted that his wife was a witch and within minutes, they slapped her before pulling her out. They tortured her for 2 hours while ordering her to give the names of the other witches who had been bewitching people and causing deaths in the area. Her pleas and cries fell on deaf ears.

Mwangi tried stopping them but they could not listen. When they undressed her, Mwangi threw his coat to her. The mob however gave it back to him. Before they torched her with kerosene and tires, they have Mwangi a chance to speak to her for the last time. She painfully said Goodbye and insisted that she was innocent. She advised him to take heart and promised to watch over him from heaven.

When they torched her, she rolled in pain as the fumes took away her life. Mwangi has given up on ever getting justice since 3 weeks later, nobody has ever been arrested.

He had been married to Njoki since 1973. He mourned her as his best friend and good mother to their 5 grown children.

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