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Road Accident

River of Doom: Horror Stories of Enziu River in Kitui That Killed 23 Bus Occupants

Photo: A bus that was swept by River Enziu on Saturday 4th December 2021

River Enziu located in Nguni ward of Mwingi East Sub-county is deadly during the rainy season.

It's called River of Doom because at least people have drowned in past years and a day ago it swept a bus full of occupants killing 23 instantly.

The River flows from Kivou,Waita and Mui hills to Tana River.

"Do not cross the river when the water is above your knees,it could sweep you to your death," words said by Mwingi East Sub-county police commander Joseph Yakan.

In 2019,Education officers taking social studies papers to Nuu collection centre were swept away after crossing the deadly River bridge. They had waited for over five hours for water to subside so that they could cross.

Last year,a woman was forced to wait for over 10 hours spending the night in the forest after she narrowly escaped drowning in the swollen River.

Early this year,onlookers wailed as they helplessly watched a lorry with four occupants being swept away.

On April 22 last year,a driver for assistant County commissioner James Wanyoike narrowly escaped death as he tried to drive across.Luckily he was rescued by residents.

On May 8th this year,bodies of four people who had been missing after drowning were retrieved inside their car from a sandbank. They were on their way to attend a burial at Nuu.

Like most dangerous rivers,Enziu has a bridge that has stalled for more than six years when it was barely half complete.

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