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Residents At Pipeline Nairobi Suffers A Huge Blow After Their Businesses And Houses Were Destroyed

Residents at the Pipeline region which is in Nairobi county have incurred a big loss today after their houses have been destroyed and some of the goods they were selling being thrown away today. Witnessing this evil act, I have seen police trying to order the owner of those businesses to take away all their belongings because the road which is heading to Njenga village should be passing there.

Tractors we're hired to clear all wooden structures which were built along the road and also ensure that all tall buildings near that place have been cleared to create space up to where that highway is to be extended.

people were also spotted overcrowding near some reporters and as they were being interviewed, they have urged the Nairobi county government to ensure that they are given a chance to go on with their trade activities and also ensure that those who have lost their goods have been paid.

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