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Here is the Electrified Fence That Instil Fears to Residents of Tiwi, Kwale County

Residents of Tiwi, Kwale county are living in fear after a private developer at Mbela farm put up an electrified fence.

The residents of Tiwi said, the fence border's learning institution and homes this making them to live in fear of the electrified fence. The Chairman, Mr. Rashid Mwamtuku, demanded that the electrified fence be removed immediately.

Here is the statement of Rashid Mwamtuku;

“We have schoolchildren playing around this area and some can’t read the danger sign placed on it,” he said.

This electrified fence is alleged to have killed five people since it was installed. The private developer is alleged to have gone against the court orders demanding the removal of the electrified fence and went ahead to built the electrified fence.

Villagers were forcefully evicted by the private developer from the disputed farm in January 2021 and there houses were demolished by bulldozers.

The Chairman said, the private developer has endangered the live of school-going-children and the residents whose activities are outside the demarcated area.

Should the private developer removed the electrified fence? Comment your answer in the comment section.

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