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Kenyans React To Ahmednasir's Tweet Concerning Weston Hotel.

Ahmednasir who is among the top lawyers in Kenya today tweeted on his tweeter page that as counsel on record for Weston Hotel he can confirm that 48 hours ago government sent tractors and goons to demolish the Hotel. He state that the operation was called off and the power changed it mind.

PurpleRein tweeted, "The tractors were headed elsewhere and were using a public road. This is not illegal . Seek a court order on behalf of your client to bar any earth moving equipment from using any road that is within 10 Kms of Weston since the equipment makes your grabber client uncomfortable."

HSLR tweeted, "Someone wants to instigate violence in this country it’s the last card the Deep state is in a panic mode even Raila is clueles but we Hustlers won’t fall for such tricks meant to divert attention from the misrule and misappropriation of government since 2018. the world is watching."

Amos tweeted, "The planned demolition of Weston Hotel is, has been, and still remains politics of witch shunt by those who wields power in the current government. If truly the acquisition of the land upon which Weston Hotel stands, why not revert it to the government for a temporary custody."

Tess tweeted, "Raila was due for an interview on Chamgei Radio.Those tractors were sent by Tangatanga to divert people's attention from the talk show or create anger among the radio station's listeners.Why would the GoK send tractors then call them off? Why were there no drivers around."

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