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4 Crazy Things Kenyans are Doing to Survive

Currently people are going through real hell in the country due to high cost of living.

The hard situation has made some people to innovate correct techniques that can easily siphon money from their target leaders or people.For sure, poverty can make you do something awkward in order for you to get something to fill your stomach.

In this article am going to let you know these ways,the photos am going to use are just for illustrative purposes.

Cheap Publicity Stunts

Most Kenyans have gone for this,be it celebrities or common citizen.It revolves around broken relationships,conflicts and some kind of weird things.This happens in order to seek public attention in the name of being sympathised.After all they win.

For example a university student by the name Edwin Mogambi who made headlines in the country for looking for a sponsor.

Life at Nairobi is not a joke,It really pushed Mogambi on the wall until it forced him to the streets of the town with a placard to advertise his needs.

Image credit:Edwin Mogambi (Facebook)By Aaron Mullah

Whipping Politicians

Sometimes due to unemployment among youths, they are bribed by specific politicians to foil against their competitors.

In 2014,ODM leader Raila Odinga was whipped,as in he was given several strokes by Lengo Mdzomba while Dancing at Okoa Kenya rally at Kinango Market in Kwale.

Image credit:Raila and the man who whipped him(Facebook)By Aaron Mullah

The other occasion is when Deputy president William Ruto mysteriously escaped slaps by a whisker from Murang'a man.The guy was thwarted by Ruto's security personnel before he had accomplished his mission of working on deputy president.

Image credit:Murang'a man being handled by the security(Facebook)By Aaron Mullah


There are Kenyans who are faking it,just to fit in,they have gone also to the extent of opening social media accounts of famous people impersonating them.And this is where they get their daily bread by conning hardworking Kenyans.

Turned to Be Beggars

Everyone is fighting for survival, everyone for himself or herself.There is this common statement in Nairobi's suburbs "Wewe ni Mdhamini,Ebu Toa Uradi."

It is a polite and praising statement,if it is used correctly from morning to evening,you will have breakfast,lunch and Supper.The statement just looses value when it revolves around the same people,it is only the wizards in that field who play away games as well.

The purpose of the article was to inform you about this kind of behaviors,and also for you to easily Identify them whenever they approach you.There are better ways of seeking help than embarrassing yourself.

Content created and supplied by: AaronmullaKE (via Opera News )

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