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Exposed : Mombasa Makupa Causeway Bridge Metals Stolen(Photos)

It is true that the situation we are currently facing is indeed difficult and hard, and all this hardships we are experiencing is because of the situation of our economy, hence we have a bigger loan as a country as compared to the size of our economy. Hence most youths and people are jobless, and this is very risky to any country, if citizens are angry and Hungry they may commit many crime activities.

The news hitting the headlines are of the makupa causeway Bridge. The Makupa Causeway is a causeway linking Mombasa island to the Kenyan mainland. The road runs for approximately one and a half miles between the Magongo Circus and Makupa Circus. The causeway dissects Tudor Creek to the east and Port Reitz Creek.

It has been exposed that the bridge is almost collapsing, after tons of metals being stolen from the bridge, I mean metals that hold the bridge. It is alleged that the thiefs who steal this metals usually go to sell them on the scrap metals, so that they can atleast earn a living. What they don't know is that, they are risking lives of many people, because once the bridge is weak it can collapse anytime and this may result to many fatalities. Below are the photos of of the bridge.

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Magongo Makupa Causeway Mombasa Mombasa Makupa Causeway Bridge Tudor Creek


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