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Road Accident

Car Owner Decides To Use His Car As Shopping Trolley Along Ole Waiyaki Way

A mark x owner decided to use his car as a shopping trolley after entering with it in the super market.It's regarded that the man was drunk and lost his control and ended inside the supermarket. The man is still in hold on situation waiting for the managers to decide his case.As it is seen the car had made alot of the damages in the supermarket has it had broken windows and important stuffs of the supermarket. This happened has the man with the Mark X was driving along Ola Waiyaki way.This is one of the videos showing the Mark X in the supermarket around Ole Waiyaki way. Them Mark X owner is believed to have made millions of losses after the incident.In this article also we have learnt why it not advisable to drink and drive.If you have to drink you should not even drive yourself and you should be driven by a sober driver to avoid accidents and such losses as we see in the above picture.

Some people believe the man got drunk and saw like supermarket was his home and decided to drive in and park his car there.Without knowing he could occur such big losses for his naive mistakes done while drunk.

We should avoid drinking and driving at all costs. Stay safe, sanitize and keep yourself healthy in this hard times covid 19 has succumbed our beloved country.

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