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A Suspected Thief Pursued By Irate Mob Takes Refuge In A Nearby Bank Compelling Its Closure

Two banks along Digo Road in Mombasa were on Wednesday, September 22, compelled to closure after a suspected burglar hid in one of the facilities.

The suspect is asserted to have snatched a handbag from a lady in Mombasa town, run and hid in one of the nearby banks after a perturbed crowd followed him. A large number of individuals baying for the suspect's blood camped outside the bank, compelling the office and that adjoining it, to close its doors.

Security detail attached to the two banks needed to call for support in a bid to scatter the crowd.

"The man moved toward me and requested that I assist him with some cash. Minutes after the incident, however, a man standing next to me informed that the suspect had taken my pouch bag."

"I had Ksh4,500, my bank cards and some keys in that bag," Ramla Mghenyi, the victim told the media.

Residents bemoaned that instance of burglary had become uncontrolled nearby and called upon the government to assist with bringing the culprits to book."We find no peace and we are requesting that the government to come to our aid. What if such a hoodlum had weapons, he would have likely utilized it on innocent individuals," Mghenyi stated.

Minutes after the incident, the suspect was flushed out of the bank by the police and taken to the Central Police Station in Mombasa, awaiting arraignment.

Police in the area asked occupants to report such cases and not take matters into their own hands.

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