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Plane Crash

Aeroplane Crashes In Kenya Today (Photos)

A few hours ago a plane was reported to have crushed in Njoro area here it's believed to have dived from the sky after developing some technical errors in the engine. The plane is said to have lost altitude and crushed at this plane.

Photo courtesy, image used for evidence.

According to the report, this plane crush happened around 3:29 pm. Residents rushed to the scene to view and helped those onboard get out of the mini plane's wreckage. Residents performed first aid on them and rushed to the hospital for medical check up and treatment.

Photo courtesy, image used for illustration purpose only.

The main cause of this plane crush is yet to be identified as the airline authorities are still conducting their investigations on what might have happened leading to this crush. Luckily, no fatalities have been reported from this accident. Residents are still at the crush scene for the plane wreckage has not yet been towed from the scene. Please do like, comment and share.

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