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Latest Development Regarding the KEMSA Multibillion Corruption Scandal

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mr Noordin Haji is eagerly awaiting action against those responsible for the multi-billion dollar money laundering scandal that plagued the government 's purchasing and selling authority at government hospitals (KEMSA) during the procurement of anti-retroviral equipment. Corona.

The country's anti-corruption commission (EACC) completed an investigation into the scandal and handed over the file to the DPP on October 22, 2020 for evaluation and direction.

The EACC published a report on the investigation into the KEMSA scandal. In the report, the anti-corruption commission said procurement laws were violated.

Also, the EACC said the law on the management and use of public funds in the procurement and payment of services was arbitrarily violated by officials at KEMSA last year. According to a statement issued by the EACC, the investigation revealed that the budget allocated to KEMSA exceeded Sh3.2 billion.

KEMSA, EACC said it spent more money than it had agreed to.

The EACC said the authority for the procurement of medicines and hospital products did not explain the reasons for appointing the providers directly instead of conducting interviews and then the winner would win a tender to buy the products needed to combat the Corona epidemic.

However, the agency defended itself during the interview, saying it was responsible for purchasing the goods in an emergency.

According to the EACC report, those contracted to purchase Covid-19 anti-retroviral products did not submit them on time and led the authority to misuse public funds.

"The products are stored in KEMSA warehouses," the EACC report said.

According to the study, KEMSA did not benefit from the money it spent on buying the products at a higher price than those sold locally.

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