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They Are Aged 89 And 100 Years, But Suprisingly Serving Life Sentence In Prison

Prisons are a particularly hazardous place to grow old. The carceral system is largely unprepared to handle the medical, social, physical, and mental health needs for older people in prison. Nearly half of prisons lack an established plan for the care of the elderly incarcerated. Different inmates are in prison because of going against the law. Some cry out for being in prison after mistakingly associating with some crime, leading to their suffering in prison.

Here is a story of two elderly prisoners from the Kodiaga GK Prison that was covered by K24 Tv. Alfayo Gombe and Simon Nanyila are prisoners In Kodiaga GK prison aged 89 and 100 years respectively. They are both serving life imprisonments after they were found guilty of defilement allegations.

According to reports, Older incarcerated people describe sentences of life without the possibility of parole (LWOP) with the expectation that they will die in prison as particularly cruel, involving a devastating loss of human dignity. Some institutions are also holding elderly inmates who now cry out to the government for their release since they argue that they are in their last days of their lives.

However, The two elderly inmates from Kodiaga GK Prison, are now humbly requesting the government to reconsider their terms and pardon them from prison so that they can go home and be with their family members for they are now a different version of themselves.


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