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Theft robbery

Bees and Goods Stolen Stick on Thief as Crowd Celebrates with Joy

Recently there have been an increase in the number of lost items and this means tbe number of petty thiefs and burglars has increased. Most people are attributing this to unemployment.

A large number of people nowadays have resorted in using medicine men and herbalist in recovering their lost items instead of reaching out to the police or relevant authorities, this is attributed with the lack of trust.

A suspected thief was forced to return things he had stolen after he was attacked by swarm of bees that later stuck on his body. The man was at the same time carrying the stolen items; Woofer and a Decoder

The bees are said to have unraveled the man from his hideout and made him march the streets while wailing due to pain.

it is also reported the sound system and TV decoder stuck in his hands

Images of the Swarm of Bees on Thief

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