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76-Year-Old, Mwangi Kibaara Recalls What The Mob Demanded From His Wife Before Killing Her

Nation media has aired a painful encounter mzee peter Mwangi Kibaara encountered in the death of his loved one. According to the national media, mzee Kibaara recalls how a mob stormed his kitchen in Kiamikoe village, Kiharu constituency, at around 10;30 on February 20th. Mzee Kibaara disclosed that the crowd demanded his wife's blood, citing that she is a witch and has destroyed the lives of many in the village.

The mob of approximately a hundred youths stormed Kibaara’s homestead and went directly to his kitchen in search of Kibaara’s wife, Mary Njoki. “They had managed to drag my wife outside the kitchen. She was screaming since they were beating her up,” Kibaara told nation.

According to Kibaara, the mob took Njoki from the homestead to the road while beating her, alleging that she was a witch. Kibaara disclosed that the mob demanded a list of witches from Njoki before setting Njoki in a blaze.

”Give us the list of all your fellow witches in this village. Even the chief and his assistant are aware of this swoop against witches and you are the commander of witchcraft in this village,” Kibaara said.

Kibaara recalls how his wife cried out for mercy as the mob lit the tyres around her. “One tyre was put around her waist and the other around her neck….all along she had remained seated…I screamed when I saw a youth douse the tyres with petrol…My wife’s eyes looked very terrified and the beatings had left her very weak,” Kibaara disclosed.

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