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Road Accident

Meru; Fatal Accident As Fuel Tanker looses Brakes Crashing a shop in Ruiri Buuri Sub-County

In kenya we have so far recording increase i number of accident as for the NTSA data.many of the accident we occurred ni the country day by day most are avoidable for many case the kost accident are caused by motorist failing to observe traffic rules and regulations.

The causes of accidents are; reckless driving, overlapping, overspeeding, drink and driving and failure to observe other traffic rules.

The accident occured in Ruiri Buuri sub County where the fuel tanker lost brakes and as per the people on the scene the co-driver on noticing this jumped out of the vihicle leaving the driver who died on the spot.

The vihicle hit a shop causing lose of properties from the shop as per the reporter.The place have recorded more than three accident and the Ruiru people are begging the government to consinder putting a bump near the area to help reduce the speed of the coming vihicle.

What do you think the government should put ni place to help regulate the humber of accident ni the country have your say ni the comment section.

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Ruiri Buuri


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