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Bar Curfew Still in Place

Yesterday the country wide curfew that has been in place for more than 1 year was lifted by his Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta during the Mashuja day celebrations in the new Wanguru Stadium Kirinyaga county, this was the best moments for many people for the curfew had partially locked the economy.

But many people were surprised to find out that the bar curfew was still in place after the police tweeted in their official page saying that the measures that keeps bars closed as from 7 pm was still in place and anyone who will violate the measures will face the law.

This bar measures were placed so as to help lower the rate on which the deadly Covid 19 virus was spreading in the country, many people thought that the measures were also going to be lifted so that they can go back to the old life before covid interrupted.

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Bar Curfew


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