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Man wakes up buried in a coffin after passing out while binge drinking

A 30 year old man named Victor Higo Mica Alvarez has narrated how he woke up buried alive in a coffin after binge drinking.

Victor, who is from Bolivia from South America had attended a festival where he consumed copious amount of alcohol in honour of Pachamama, the goddess of earth and fertility. According to this festival, the people are supposed to make "sullu" sacrifices to their planet and the people wanted to use him as "sullu".

"Last night was the pre entry of the festival. We went dancing and afterwards I do not remember what happened next. The only thing I remember is that I thought I was in my bed. I wanted to get up and urinate but I couldn't move."

Victor Alvarez continued narrating the ordeal to the journalists and added that when he pushed the coffin, he broke the glass and was able to get out as dirt came into the coffin.

He managed to save himself and went straight to the police to report the incident but the police told him that he was drunk.

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