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KPLC Announces a Long Blackout in These Areas While Explaining Causes of Outages When it's Raining

Whenever the Kenya Power and Lighting Company is set to interrupt electricity, the company always avail a notice to the public. The Kenya Power issues the customer alert either on the Kenya Power website or on the Kenya Power Care social media handles. This is however in compliance to the electric power rules which directs that the Kenya Power should give notices to the public whenever there is a maintenance interruption.

In the latest update, the Kenya Power and Lighting Company notifies the public that the power supply has been interrupted in parts of Garissa County as well as Tana River County. According to the Kenya Power, the interruption has resulted from technical hitch which has affected the 132 kV power supply substation that is near Garissa town. KPLC has reported that a team of both Kenya Power and Lighting Company in collaboration with the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (KETRACO) engineers have been dispatched to this area and are expected to resolve the issue. The Kenya Power apologized to its customers for the inconveniences caused.

In another notice the Kenya Power has explained the relationship between rains and electricity outages. The the Kenya Power has started by reminding Kenyans that the rainy season has already set in. Even though rainfall is a blessing, it sometimes cause a number of inconveniences. While giving an example, KPLC has stated that power outages are sometimes caused by rainfall. 

'But what really causes power outages when it rains?' the Kenya Power Care questioned. The Kenya Power tried to illustrate the cause of blackouts during rainy seasons. In the illustration, Kenya Power says that rains are occasionally accompanied by very strong winds as well as raging storms. As the downpour occurs and storms rage, sometimes tree branches fall or even an entire tree gets uproot. They end up falling on the power lines and hence disrupting the electricity supply. While giving an illustration to this scenario, Kenya Power Care has given the following photos;

In other occasions, wet tree branches usually touch the electricity lines which end up creating a 'pathway' which enables the electric charge to flow from the electricity conductors and to the ground. This results to a short circuit that in turn leads to an outage. 

The Kenya Power has now appealed to Kenyans to avoid planting trees close to the electricity cables and also to allow KPLC personnel to prune the trees that have already been planted too near to the power lines.

While cautioning the public, Kenya Power says that customers should not trim or even cut trees that are in contact with electricity lines to evade electrocution or any other fatal instances.

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