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Bank Is Robbed Off 1.3M Within 20Minutes

Banks are believed to be safe places when it comes to storage of money.They can hold thousands of shillings belonging to different people. Some of them even are world wide accessible.However, there are times in which the banks are robbed and end up losing thousands of money.In a story published by Tuko News in Facebook a woman crys bitterly after losing Money worth 1.3M.

It is said that thieves broke into the bank and transferred Alot of Money from different accounts into theirs.Its shocking how they managed to do it since they could have had the customers data.The woman is worried how the transaction took place without her knowledge.

The bank manager is the one who had called her to break the shocking news.Since the last few years the bank has been complaining of robbery.However it is not clear how they managed to do it.He added that they did the action within 20 minutes with which they would not recover.

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