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"Alaar" A Section Of Women On Spot For Allegedly Keeping School Boys As Their "Husbands" In Bukoba

The women of Bukoba in Kagera are on the spot after they were alleged for keeping schoolboys as their husbands in Kagera.

The district commissioner and his investigation team are currently on the mission to search for the schoolboys and their respective " wives".

The commissioner also added that this is a shameful act as women are expected to be role models to the younger generations. He also said that it is not good to corrupt a minor's mind with words that are not of their level. Therefore, he promised a serious punishment to these women, once they are found.

The commissioner also asked parents and teachers to take good care of children and understand their sudden changes in their behavior and attitude. He said it is due to such cases that the schoolboys run from their homes to stay with toxic women.

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Bukoba Kagera


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