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Crime Buster Warns Gangsters Accused Of Muggings In Kibra, Among Them 3 Sons Of A Former Chief

A famous crime-buster identified as Saigonpunisher, via his Facebook account warned 4 notorious gangsters severally accused of causing mayhem to Kibra residents. They include; Oredo, Malola, Longisto, and Said. The crime buster claims the 4 are well-known by nearly all Kibra residents due to the nature of the crimes they perpetrate in that area.

[Photo courtesy: The 4 gangsters.]

Oredo tops the list as the mastermind and a fierce gang leader of the group; gives instructions on the 'where', 'when', and 'how' the robberies are to be executed. Malola alias striker: employed but actively indulges in crimes, has a string of robberies, violence, and sexual assault cases on him. His close partner-in-crime was arrested two months ago. But Malola is out and reigning terror.

[Photo courtesy: Malola and Longisto.]

Said and Longisto works under and alongside the notorious two: Oredo and Malola.

According to the crime buster, the 4 gangsters are well-connected to rogue law enforcers who supply them with Intel that police detectives are on their trail. Where they then go missing in action and come out to terrorize residents when the situation settles. The crime-buster further explained that they give warnings and arrest criminals, however; fellow gang members, and parents bail them out. A vicious cycle.

On Monday, another crime buster under the account name 'Blackie Wa Kibra' warned another 3 hardened thugs. The 3 are said to be brothers and sons of a former chief known as Manunda alias Professor from Dandora Phase 5. The 3 thugs have been identified as Davy, Paul, and Michael; by order of birth.

Davy identifies himself as 'Master King' on Facebook; favored by his heavy-built physique suspends his victims in the air by grabbing them by their necks and robbing them of their possessions.

[Photo courtesy: Davy.]

Paul and Michael are accused of several stabbings and phone robberies within Joy Villah Bridge connecting Dandora and Maili Saba. However; Michael was warned a few months back but actively engages in crime. The three thugs boast of their father's vast connections and they never get arrested despite their notoriety.

[Photo courtesy: Paul.]

The crime buster warned the trio to surrender to the nearest police station or face dire consequences.

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