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Beware of this New Trick Used by Thugs in Nairobi to Snatch Phones from Motorists in Traffic Jam

A new trick by thugs has been exposed. Be very carful when in traffic congestion especially those who drive private cars or taxis. And more so if you are driving with a friend or a passenger in the co-driver or booster seat. I'm writing this article from a first hand experience along Jogoo Road, Nacico area where my friend lost his phone in just a flash of a second. I'll tell you the story;

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We had come from picking some packaging materials from industrial area. I was the one driving while my friend, who was seated on the co-driver seat was busy talking to one of our customers on phone while we made our way to the CBD. When we got to Nacico area, that is just a few metres from Machakos Bus Stage, we had to slow down due to traffic; congestion in this area never ends. This is where my friend lost his phone. A man came by and knocked my window. I first thought he was a hawker but laters realised his intention was to take our attention to allow his partner from the other side of the window do his thing. Suddenly, I heard a rapid commotion from my friend's side. His phone had just been snatched in that one second that we had turned to see who was knocking my window. The snatcher and the man who had knocked my window ran to the opposite direction. We couldn't leave the car to follow them.

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Criminals know that the best way to snatch a person's possession is to first grab their attention. These people seemed to have studied my friend from a far and had been trailing us either by foot or motorbike. And they knew very well that once they knocked my window, my friend who was the main target would also turn to see who is knocking, their trick worked perfectly for them and I feel it has worked for them some other days too. My friend lost his iPhone 9 plus, just that way. Though I partially blame him for having not closed the windows.

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I'm sharing this so you all be very careful when in traffic congestion. However hot the weather is, don't fully open your windows. These thugs also know you won't leave your car to follow them, that's wH they nowadays mainly target private cars and taxis. But even even if you leave your car to follow them, by the time you open your door, you'll already be too ate to catch up with them.

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