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Sadness In Embu After A Middle-aged Commits Suicide, Leaves This Note Behind

A family in Embu is currently mourning the death of a 22 year old man who is reported to have killed himself after he was allegedly found dead in his room with a rope on his neck.


According to the reports given by the mother of the deceased, she claimed that she had gone to her son's room in order to find out why the middle-aged man had failed to collect her breakfast.

This was followed by a dramatic scene yet intense scene after the woman allegedly found the lifeless body of her 22 year old son hanging from on his ceiling with a note which revealed the motive behind the man's death.


Reports revealed from the family members of the deceased revealed that the 22 year old man had left a letter or in other words a suicide note where he stated that he was better off dead than being behind bars because of a debt her owed someone.

Further reports revealed that deceased who had taken his own life had an impending case which he was supposed to attend to at the court of law over a missing phone that he was supposed to pay for.

His death has sparked alot of mixed reactions from Kenyans who seemed to have been confused on why there was an increasing number of suicides in Kenya.

With a section of Kenyans claiming that maybe there was something more to his story, others went ahead and called upon the government to consider introducing monthly mental health sessions to educate Kenyans on how to handle certain issues.

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