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Organized Crime: See Nairobi's Most Feared Gangs

Life in Kenya is unbearable with the prevailing economic conditions in the country. The financial atmosphere is so toxic that small business as well as big enterprises are being choked to bankruptcy. In Nairobi, people have been forced to resolve into crime as a means of survival as evident by the spike in criminal activities in the past year.

Criminals have now grouped themselves into well run gangs that operate in well coordinated systems which has made them even more efficient in executing crimes. The main form of crime by these gangs is extortion of money from matatu operators. They also offer informal security services to anyone willing to pay and are available for political hire by any malicious politician who wants any dirty work done. Some of them such as Siafu go to an extent of providing informal water and electricity connection. They are very territorial and each has its territory marked. The image below maps each gang and states the services they provide.

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