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Most dangerous islands in the world.

Here on earth, there are really placement it is very dangerous for humans to reach those places because they can cause human death and even disappear in strange and confusing environments. There are some areas that have been reported to be dangerous for any living organism to interfere.

1. The snake island, Brazil.

This dangerous island is found in Brazil. There are reports that the first person to enter the area was a fisherman who went missing in a confusing situation and a few days later the body of the fisherman was found floating on the water.

The body was dragged by the water to the shore and as people approached the body; they found it badly bruised by the snake's teeth. Due to this situation, the Brazilian government placed a restriction on anyone entering the area.

Now there were questions among the people about whether the snake or the island was the cause? A resident said that the snakes were either brought by people who kept their valuables near ​​the island and shed the snakes, or as guardians of the area.

2. Danakil desert, Eritrea.

Most dangerous places in the world, the area found in Eritrea is part of a desert that reaches 50 degrees Celsius, also has a constant volcanic eruption which leads to toxic gases and mixing in the air.

This gas is dangerous if it is inhaled by any person or organism, due to the dangers that lead the government in the country to prevent tourists from reaching the area. This is due to deaths caused by toxic gases when inhaled by these tourists.

3. Madidi national park, Bolivia.

The area is found in the jungle in the country of Bolivia; the park is believed to be infested with pests, despite the presence of pests. The area where the plants are endangered as soon as they come into contact with human skin.

In other words, the insects and plants on the island are not safe for humans to live in, and this is due to the dangers posed by these dangerous mines in this world.

4. The elephant kingdom, Thailand.

The popular name of the area is the elephant kingdom, but its diversity is the presence of very dangerous crocodiles. Do you need to die? So If you need to die, my brother or sister visit the area.

In the area where a hut is built in the middle of the water and is surrounded by hungry and ferocious crocodiles, tourists who arrive at the area are ushered into the hut and start throwing pieces of meat at them.

The act for them is a joy when crocodiles, or they'll jump up and fight over the meat, while the crocodiles, or they pray for the hut to be demolished so that they can eat the meat of tourists or.

From this article, What area is the most dangerous to visit, write us your comments below.

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