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Pyramid Complex Of Money Laundering Cartels As Exposed By Edgar Obare

The list of individuals involved in money laundering business popularly known as "wash wash" is endless.Prominent politicians and pastors too are involved in the dirty business.

The church no longer serves the purpose of guiding the congregations to what is moraly right in the society as we now see how politicians are nowadays taking advantage to cleanse their proceeds of crime

Money laundering individuals are well known by the police and yet they are being protected simply because they are rich and that they can always use their money to buy freedom.

The pyramid complex of corruption,money laundering popularly known as "wash wash" cartels scheme,seek to hide and legalise the funds without catching the attention of authorities and connections to criminal activities.

The agreement is that no one is to get caught from where they obtain the loot as they are required to operate discreetly.

The individuals are said to hide behind ‘development’ launches projects and pockets the money and culminates by blinding citizens with donations from the money that they have already stolen from the public.

It is alleged that a large percentage of those seeking government elective positions come 2022 are in money laundering business in order to protect their reputation.

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