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Reactions As Mulamwah Rains Money On Wife, Congratulates Her [Video]

Comedian Mulamwah congratulates his wife for gifting him a wonderful kid. Mulamwah, who was in hospital with her wife, raised money on her.

For a period of nine months since his wife got pregnant, Mulamwah and his wife Soniah have been betting on the gender of an unborn child.

According to Soniah, she predicts that the baby was going to be a boy after she relied on the results delivered by doctors after scanning her. After being scanned by doctors, they revealed the child was a boy.

On Mulamwah's prediction, he said the child to be born will be a girl and fortunately, the baby delivered was a girl.

Mulamwah and Soniah had promised each other 100,000 Kenyan shilling for having predicted the results accurately. On this, Soniah was expected to give Mulamwah 100,000 Kenyan shilling.

Unexpectably, Mulamwah instead rains 100,000 Kenyan shilling on her wife to use her every rising needs.

Watch the video here;

However, Kenyans have reacted to the Mulamwah's post as they send mixed reactions. Here are some of the comments captured in Mulamwah's post.

Zeddy Comedian: Yaani mimi nilizalia Kumutu watoto wanne! na kitu nilipata ni kikombe ya supu eti nirudishe nguvu😏 earth is hard.

Evans BK:  This is beautiful.I have been saving 20bob also every day since january so I have 7000 and I need someone to give me a child nimpe 7k.

Mtoto Wa Mary Naliaka: My future wife this is how i will treat you, mulamwah my role model.

Flo Wa Musyoka: Dear future husband I hope you're seeing what others are doing. I'll be fertile starting from 26th -31st. Sasa jitokeze tupande mbegu.

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