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Road Accident

"Hii Ni Mbaya" See What These Car Owners Have Done On Pedestrians Pavement That Has Angered Kenyans

Every town or street are always made in such a way that there is a space for parking as well as that of pedestrian pavement (small roads which are normally just meant for pedestrians to use while walking). Those parking locations are always under the county government and they do charge as per their agreement.

However, at some points some people who owns private cars normally go against the laws governing the streets or towns such that they park in places meant for pedestrians.

This is exactly what has been reported to have occured along Temple road just opposite Kanjo officer (office that normally contains the county government officers). According to the source, some of the private car owners have been reported to have invaded the pedestrians pavement with which they have decided to park their cars.

This has greatly hindered the movement of pedestrians and really endangering their lives for they now have to walk on the main road. The pedestrians are now reported to be meandering with vehicles on the main road.

This is indeed very bad and risky. Such habits should never be allowed.

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Hii Ni Mbaya Temple


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