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Safety Tips For The Nairobi Residents

Walking in Nairobi right now remains a nightmare especially to people who have to go to work everyday without missing a single day. Nairobi CBD is not only for the working population but also for students who go to town campuses among others who commute to reach to their designated learning institutions. Apparently, right now, killer thugs are everywhere not just during the night but also during the daytime.

The following are the things people should do to avoid being a targeted and if victimized in Nairobi;

1. Give them everything they want that you have. Unless they’ve been assigned to kill you, these Nairobi thugs will always attack hoping to get something valuable from you. So whatever they need that you have give it to them or else you’ll be shot.

2. A safer way would be to walk in groups in Nairobi currently and be on the lookout for strange behaviours from passersby or the individuals straying in groups.

3. Not to leave workplaces in the late hours of the night after work as that could render them vulnerable to the criminals posing to be regular pedestrians on the roads.

4. In case your phone is stolen you should immediately report the incident to the police, get an occurrence book number then head to your mobile service provider to lock your phone number. This prevents criminals from using your sim card illegally. 

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