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Kenyan Village That Is Made Up Of Only Women And Men Are Banned

In northern Kenya, in the grasslands of Samburu, there is a village where men are not allowed to live.

The village is protected by a thorn fence, which is smart, and men aren't allowed there because it's a women-only village.

Rebecca Lolosoli started Umoja after a group of men beat her and kicked her out of her community because she spoke out against FGM.

While she was in the hospital getting better, she had the idea to start a village where men were not allowed.

Since then, it has grown into a safe place where women can go to get away from abusive marriages and other forms of violence.

Some women whose husbands have died have even found comfort and a place to live there.

The women of Umoja run a campsite for safari tourists and charge visitors to the village an entrance fee.

They go to nearby villages and markets and have made a safe home where they can live independently and with respect.

Over the years, Umoja village has inspired and encouraged other women in nearby districts to start their own matriarchal societies where men don't exist at all.

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