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'Tafuta Ng'ombe kama wewe' Pastor Ng'ang'a Said.

Pastor Ng'ang'a has been in the front line to educate young men on who and when to marry but for today it was so interesting. Nganga said that let no one marry a more beautiful lady since he will suffering from other men attack.

The more popular pastor said that let everyone marry a lady who is in his standard but not look for the outside beauty since they pass with time.This was a good advice to people who were at a point of marrying and also getting married.He again added that let no one marry a lady who is older that him since she will turn so old when the man will be still young.

Pastor Ng'ang'a explained that he married a very younger lady that she will 'enjoy' even if he grows older since the the lady is so young and beautiful.It was quite clear from the words he uttered and the advices were so admirable.

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Ng'ang'a Nganga Tafuta Ng'ombe


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