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Story of the Man who 'came back from dead', spoke of what the afterlife was like -

A man who 'came back from the dead' told what the afterlife is like, but he then instantly erased it from his mind. Alistair Blake, 61, has opened up about his 90-minute period of near-death after a heart attack. Thankfully, he was revived by medical personnel.

According to the Daily Star, Alistair, an Australian, passed away in January 2019. His wife Melinda frantically performed CPR until the paramedics arrived, but he had been dead for about an hour and a half. He claimed the experience was so terrifying that his brain has completely blocked it out. On the other side, he claimed, there was a complete void, a nothingness, with no lights, no sounds, and no voices.

Melinda, Alistair's wife, awoke to discover her husband "gurgling" and lifeless in their home during the terrible ordeal in 2019. While she waited impatiently for the ambulance to arrive, Melinda used her quick thinking to do CPR on her husband of 35 years.

When paramedics finally arrived after 20 minutes of trying to revive Alistair, he was still clinically dead.In addition to continuing to perform CPR on Alistair for more than an hour, the medical professionals also used a defibrillator to give him eight shocks to the chest.The search for Alistair's pulse took 90 minutes.

61-year-old man's comment: "I technically passed away for ninety minutes. I recall going to bed on Saturday night, and the next thing I recall is waking up on a trolley Thursday morning as it was transporting me from the intensive care unit to coronary care." What occurred in between has been completely forgotten by the human brain." He clarified: "Many people have asked me if I saw anything, but I did not. Nothing at all, not even brilliant lights.


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