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Top 3 Most Dangerous Crime Hotspots In Nairobi


Kibera is the second largest slum in Africa and is identified for decades of politically fuelled violence. Kibera is home to various criminal gangs who scale their criminal operations to affluent neighbourhoods such as Karen.The gang members are usually armed with knives and guns and have terrorised citizens for many years.


Kariobangi is one of the most densely populated areas of Nairobi where the inequality of the people’s standard of life is quite visible. In the recent past, we have seen residents of this estate going to the streets protesting because of the poor state of security.


Nyamakima is known for crime and robbery. The busy stage at Nyamakima makes it a hot spot for muggers and thieves. While at this place always pay extra attention to your handbag, wallet and phone. In no time you can find yourself a victim of the muggers who are always on the watch out.

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