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Road Accident

Another Road Accident Occurs Today

Today has been a really bad day for kenyans as more road accidents are occuring after every one hour. Just a few hours ago over six road accidents have been reported. Some are fatal enough that they are claiming innocent lives at the spot. These road accident are mainly happening due to poor road conditions and careless driving.

Photo courtesy, used for illustration purpose only.

The government has always been warning drivers against careless driving and overtaking along the busy roads however some drivers are still ignoring them. This negligence to traffic rules is the main cause of the many road accidents that are happening today.

Just a few hours ago a fatal road accident has occurred along Mombasa Road near Mwembeni station.

Photo courtesy, used for evidence.

This accident has occurred at 3:15 pm today. All drivers are warned against using this road there is a traffic jam due to this accident. All drivers are advised to approach with Care.

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