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Rare Foods Only Found in Kenya

The first on the list is Mutura. Kenyans have diverted a way of using a cow's intestines instead of disposing it off. They boil goat or a cow's meat and mix the boiled chunks in a cow's blood. They are then stacked inside the cow's intestines and roasted on top of a charcoal stove until it gains a golden brown perfection. After that, chopped onions, tomatoes and pepper locally known as 'Kachumbari' are added onto it for an amazing taste.

Residents of western Kenya have also been identified for frying termites. They wait until heavy rains come, after that the termites are force out of the ground because the soil gets water logged. They catch them using their hands and get rid of their heads. After which they are fried, ready to eat.

The Maasai Community in Kenya have been known for sucking blood from living cows using pipes. They then drink the raw blood claiming that it is a source of medication and energy to them.

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