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Turn Of Events As Thief Falls In Love With Woman He Once Robbed


Kevin Matundura was a member of a gang of robbers who had broken into a house in Nakuru.

There was a turn of events as the robber developed romantic feelings for the house help of the household. He found himself drawn to the house help.

Matundura found himself opening up to her and confiding in her and finally he was given the girl's mobile number for communication later after the robbery.

Eventually, Matundura called the woman and they agreed to go on a lunch date. He felt an intense connection with the woman he had once robbed. He was surprised at how easily he could talk to her.

The woman later showed up with police who arrested Matundura who helped with the investigations that led to the arrest of his accomplices.

The days of a thief are numbered and it is evident that Kevin played with fire and in the end, all that happened in the darkness came to light.

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