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Road Accident

Oil Siphoning Ghost That has Refused to leave Kenyan People

Many people have died due to oil siphoning in Kenyan roads after the oil tankers are involved in accidents.

On July 13 1998 a petroleum tanker overtuned and burst into flames when people were fetching fuel at sidindi market which is 50kilometre from kisumu.

On this particular accident 39 people lost their lives several who were injured got hospitalized.

In 2003 an oil tanker rolled and burst into flames as people were siphoning fuel in Mucatha kiambu District. Three people died several were injured.

In January 31,2009 in molo Nakuru-Eldoret highway 130 people lost their lives over 100 were injured.

Today 13 lives were lost several were injured at malanga Kisumu Busia road after apetrol tanker they were siphoning fuel exploded.

From all this oil tanker accidents most kenyans have refused to stop siphoning oil at accident scenes.

They have repeately been tempted to rush to the accident scene and collected the rare commodity petrol.

Most of the time the oil tankers do explode due to highly inflamable nature of petrol.

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