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World's Widest Road, Has 26 Lanes, 3 Times Wider Than Thika Superhighway(Photos)

The world's Widest Road is located in USA. The Katy Freeway is the world's Widest roads and is located in Texas USA. The expansion of this road was as result of congestion that lasted even for 11 hours and was aimed at facilitating interstate travel

The expansion of this road was carried at a tune of 2.8 Billion US Dollars. The Katy Freeway has a whooping sum of 26 Lanes including the feeder roads.

The widest road in the world is reported to serve 219,000 vehicles in the world. It is an interstate expand stretching to 23 mile.

The project was funded by the federal government and state government and William Brothers and Balfour Beatty were the contractors for the expansion of this freeway.

Interms of comparison,this road is twice the size of Kenya's present widest road,Thika Superhighway which has majority of it's sections having 8 lanes.

Some people however believes that the Katy Freeway did not solve the issue of congestion. See more pictures of this freeway below:

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Katy Freeway Thika USA Widest Road


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