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How I lost My Phone in a Matatu Within Just 5 Seconds

If you've ever heard of funny or rather mysterious stories of people losing their possessions in Nairobi, then don't take them for granted, they are real. I once thought some of these stories were fictions, until recently I became a victim. It is true that you can lose your possession in just less than three seconds in Nairobi. Here is my story;

I was from visiting a friend in Umoja Innacore. So, I had to take a Forward Sacco matatus from Kwa Chief Stage to Kariobangi Roundabout. From there I would take another PSV to Allsops, then another one to Kasarani where I lived. It was around 6 pm, and I was a little bit anxious to catch a matatu before too late. Due to Covid-19 protocols and fear, I wasn't also willing to board an already loaded Matatu. Unfortunately, the empty ones were never coming this way. Matatus in this area were already flaunting Covid-19 guidelines, carrying full capacity and even excess.

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After about 30 minutes of waiting, while perusing through messages on my phone, I decided to board one of the already packed matatus from Kayole. I placed my phone in my right pocket as I jumped into the matatu. Waaah! No sooner had I found one empty seat at the back than I realized, my phone had already been stolen. It was in less than three seconds because I had held the phone in my pocket all along while making my way to the lone empty seat. But immediately I sat down, I could feel it any more

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I decided to shout "Simu yangu imeibiwa" then instructed the tout to halt the matatu, which he did, but I had no idea what to do next. Weirdly, a man standing next to me along the matatu corridor made a claim. He said he had seen another man in a black jacket pulling the phone off my pocket while I boarded the matatu. He even knew I had a white phone. I was nervous and couldn't think well at that moment, so, I quickly dashed out of the Matatu to try look for a man with a black jacket as I had been informed. Little did I know that the man directing me is the one who had pick-pocketed my phone. He had cleverly sent me out the Matatu not to create havoc.

That's how I lost my phone, and to make it more painful, I hadn't used the phone for even a week, and I had just finished transferring my information, media and documents from my old phone into it. It was an heartbreaking encounter.

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How someone steals from you then still have the courage to direct you to some non-existing person still remain a surprise to me. All in all , this story reminds us to always stay vigilant with our possessions especially when in the city or in crowded areas. Thank you.

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