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Landlord beaten up by his tenants after he was found chewing wife of one of the tenants in

It is very unfortunate for a man more so a landlord to take advantage of his clients. Nowadays most landlords are taking the advantage and they are "chewing" wives from their plots. Residents have now decided that it won't happen again as one landlord has been beaten up by his own tenants.

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According to the reports, the man was chewing a wife to one of his tenants where by the villagers attacked him and Started beating him. The tenants was so angry with their landlord for doing such a shameful act.

The villagers were very angry and they started beating the man. He was saved by a village elders and police officers who arrived at the scene. The incident happened at a locally known village Kibomet in "Kitale."


This is one of the shameful act to such a man. The tenants did well to punish the landlord. It was a great lesson to others who are planning to do so to their clients. Whom do you think was wrong, the landlord or the woman for allowing the man to chew him?

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