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"My Mum-In-Law Asked Me to Get Married During My Hubby's Burial, She Grabbed His Wealth" Lady Claims

Easther has painfully narrated how her mother inlaw attacked her during her husband's burial where she asked her to get married and she also grabbed the weath her husband had left behind.

She claims her husband got ill and after some weeks in hospital he died and this left her in shock since knew he will be well.

She claims after her husband's death, she informed evebody including her inlaws but they rushed to their house where they grabbed all their belongings leaving her with nothing

Easther claims after two weeks they went back to the village to bury her husband but her mother inlaw attacked her during the burial where she claims she told her she is beautiful and she should go and get married again.

Easther knew that was a way of her mother inlaw telling that she is not needed in the family and therfore after the burial she immediately went back to Nairobi and she had nothing since her inlaw had already grabbed everything.

She got into depression and this is when her inlaws managed to transfer all the wealth into their names where they also withdrew all the money in banks and saccos.

She claims she decided to start a new life with her kid and that's how she managed to overcome her problems. Her mother inlaw died two years after her son's death before they even reconciled.

She has gone ahead urging inlaws to be treating widows with respect instead of condemning them.


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Easther Lady Claims


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