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Modified Sand Harvesting Lorry Elicits Debate on rogue Contractors Conning Kenyans

Recent scams by rogue contractors may derail the dream of most Kenyans to become homeowners. Some of these fraudsters hike the cost of construction materials.

Photos of a modified sand harvesting truck elicited debate among Kenyans who called for the government to intervene.

The photo showed the back of the lorry elevated to hold less sand as expected with Kenyans noting that this was a plan to con unsuspecting members of the public.

One of the photos was shared by Inooro Fm on Wednesday, January 4 posing, "Do you check if the lorry is okay or do you just cluelessly buy the sand" in the local dialect.

Another image was shared by Sikika Road Safety on Wednesday, January 4, with nothing but dotted lines to allow Kenyans to interpret it subjectively.

These photos drew mixed reactions with some arguing that the best way to apprehend such lorry drivers was to make them pass by a weighbridge.

"The government should reign on this kind of thuggery and prosecute those involved," another demanded.

"Government allows these deals, what is the use of inspecting cars?" one questioned.

Others advised that to maneuver this trick, one must only pay for the goods on delivery. They added that sand buyers should inspect the inside of the truck once the goods have been delivered.

You may also go as far as jumping on the truck after the sand is offloaded to evaluate the noise produced due to the vacuum created.

While another advised using a metal rod to check the depth of the truck before the sand is offloaded.

One jokingly noted that the modification allowed the vehicle to speed on highways while fully 'loaded'.

"I have been wondering why some of these trucks are powerful such that they are overtaking while fully loaded. Turns out they are empty," one stated.

Furthermore, some Kenyans compared the trick to one allegedly used in some butcheries where buyers get a raw deal.

This is one of the many tricks used by contractors to con Kenyans. Other scams include swapping and omitting materials like metal or steel, prolonging the project period as well as downgrading the construction labour force.

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