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She Asked For A Lift From Truck Drivers They Ruined Her Entire Life And Threw Her To Hyenas

Life is unfair at times but for good or bad,God knows we can handle all that comes our way.Meet Irene from Makueni as she shares her painful story in Tales Of Wanjiku with Lynn Ngugi.

In the interview, Irene says she is 22.She is a firstborn in a family of 7 and has been raised by a single Irene dropped out of school in class 7 due to financial problems.She took care of her siblings while her mother hustled to meet their needs.

At 18, Irene looked for a job in Nairobi through a friend in order to help her mother.On arrival to Nairobi,she lacked an ID and was sent back home yet she didn't have Irene sat in a certain park where she met a hawker who directed her to ask for a lift from trucks heading to Mombasa.

She luckily found a truck which offered her lift.On the way,the driver asked her to hand him a bottle of water that was on her seat.Irene didn't realize what happened, the next thing,she woke up in Mombasa.She looked for help and a certain woman took her to another truck claiming a certain young man was her son.

They started travelling at 4a.m and they seemed to be nice people.Later, they asked her whether she was married or had a boyfriend but she avoided the topic.They suddenly stopped talking and continued travelling.At a certain point,to driver told her to come down from the vehicle."He gave me my bag to me and threw me out.It was so dark and I was so scared.Traffic police were afew meters away but my fear stuck me in the same place I stood,"she said.

"Suddenly, I saw shiny eyes of something heading my direction.I realized it's an animal when it bit me and dragged me to the forest.It cut my hand and chewed it,I was bleeding profusely and was in pain,"she says.Luckily she was rescued and taken to accepting her condition wasn't easy but she has finally done it.

Life isn't easy since she is totally dependant.Irene is requesting for help to cater for her medication from well-wishers.

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Irene Mombasa.She Nairobi


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