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Ugly Scene as Men Gang to Defile an Old Woman in the Bush, Husband's Colludes With Suspects

A 60-year-old woman who was allegedly dragged and defiled in the bush by gang of men directed by victim's husband, seeks police justice.

According to police reports, thirty-three people, including the victim’s husband, have already been charged and arrested, while nine more have been remanded in custody.

A disturbing video showing the victim defiled in the bush circulates on social media, in which the accused even inserted a bottle in her private parts, rose mixed reactions online.

According to witness statements in social media, the victim screams loudly alerting the neighbors, after she was forcefully dragged by the suspects into nearby bush, where they defiled her repeatedly.

The county children department unit in their statements to media on Thursday said the 60-year-old victim was taken to the hospital for medical examination, and an expert report for subsequent investigation is on the way.

They further said the bloodstained clothes of the victim, and a subsequent medical examination conducted by the medical consultant hospital, shows that indeed the victim was sexually assaulted.

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