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"I Will Never Forgive My Parents For Doing This To Me," Lady Painfully Narrates

On October 19th, Afrimax shared the story of a lady who has been going through a tough time since she was born. The story which was taken from the rural area of Kinyarwanda narrates the life story of a lady identified as Chantal. Chantal was not born a normal child, she was disabled at birth without fingers but again the doctors and her parents thought that she did not have both of her legs which will eventually grow.

When Chantal was born, her parents could not bear the fact that they have given birth to a disabled child and therefore started to look for solutions. They were advised by friend to kill the baby and bear another one. They therefore bought a rat poison but they couldn't kill their own daughter.

Therefore, they left the baby in the house and went away never to come back. Chantal was forced to provide for herself by begging in the streets. She was abandoned at a very young making it difficult for her to even recognize who her parents are. However, she is certain that she will never forgive her parents who abandoned her.

She could also not find a man who could love her find and to call a husband but she had friends. She then decided to ask one of her friends to make her pregnant even though she had in mind that she was going to give birth to disabled children just like herself and this turned out to be untrue. She also knew that she will have to take care of the children all by herself.

She then gave birth to a second and a third child and in total she had three children. Even though the man who made her pregnant does not give her any support, she says she is okay with it since all she ever wanted was to have a family.

Being that she did not go to school, she does not want the same for her children. She is therefore seeking the help of good Samaritans to help take her children to school. What do you think of Chantal's story? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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