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Man Narrates How He Was Raped By Two Women At Gunpoint

Most of the cases involving rape victims are always women assaulted by men. However if a man is forced by a woman to have intimacy without his consent then he is said to have been raped. A thirty five years old man by the name Vincent narrates how he was sodomized by two women who hijacked his car.

According to Vincent, one Friday he was driving home, after having drinks with his friends. As he was driving home a car blocked him from the front. The two occupants came out pointing a gun at his windscreen.

Vincent filled with fear cooperated by giving them car keys, wallet and phone. After giving them all what he had, they still needed more, one woman pushed him down with gun pointed at his temple while the other started removing his clothes.

The woman who was assaulting her asked him whether he was married and when he said yes, she asked whether he was going to have s£x with his wife. The two women assaulted Mr Vincent and he regrets his body was able to respond when the women touched him.

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