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I Can Now Afford Rent, Food, Says Crippled Beggar Turned Trader.

Samuel Mwangi, 30, drags his weak feet along Kenyatta Avenue in Nakuru town while toting a bucket filled with candy and groundnuts.

When he stops to serve a customer, the latter takes three candies and a packed groundnut from the bucket and exchanges them for Sh60.

This is the new life Mwangi has been leading since he made the decision to stop begging in 2019 and start a small business.

Mwangi was so well-liked as a beggar in the Nakuru City streets that he earned the moniker "mkora" (crook), as people thought of him as a "shrewd beggar"

Residents, according to him, thought he was using his inability to walk as a benefit to deceitfully solicit money from them.

The man, who has been paralyzed since he was three months old, set up shop along Kenyatta Avenue in Nakuru's central business district.

In some instances, he says, "I used my voice to demand money from people; some gave me wholeheartedly, while others mocked me."

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