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Thief Alert, A Young Man Wakes Up One Day Only To Find His Valuables Missing(Photos)

Cases of theft, robbery and violence have become very common in the current society. As this happens, we are currently having so many young people who have specialized in the practice of snatching other people's property especially in darkness. It's too unfortunate that this is gradually becoming the new normal in Nairobi.

As this happens, there is a young man who has confessed waking up one day only to find his play station raided by people who are reported to have planned the mission for long. According to his statements, he says that his play station was broken into by people who first came to survey pretending to be customers.

In the process, they sent the person he had employed two bottles of soda. Funny enough, it came to realization that this was just a culculated move to exchange the padlocks they used to lock the play station. He was only surprised to wake up one day and find his play station missing.

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